• Photo Postcards Printed using HP Indigo 5000 digital offset presses on heavy card stock. On the image side, there is a glossy, UV and water resistant coating. The back side is a standard template with address and stamp areas. It's the most popular gift with excellent color reproduction.

  • Photo Coasters Set of four, each 4 inches square with cork back. Coasters come in sets of 4 (only two are shown in this photo) and measure: 3.75 x 3.75" They're slightly more than 1/8th inch thick. Durable, hard and glossy surface with cork back.

  • Photo Stickers Your photo prints with excellent color reproduction on twenty (20) 1.6 x 2.25" stickers All the stickers come on one sheet, and are pre-cut. These stickers are a great way to add a personalized touch to your greetings or to label your children's belongings.

  • Photo Panels Brilliant color reproduction on hardwood panels. Sides and back are black with easel back. Photo Panels are available in the following sizes: 5 x 7" 8 x 10" Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, scuffs, scratches, water and fading.

  • Photo Mouse Pad This mousepad gives your mouse room to move!... Measuring: 9 x 7.75" It's made of high-density neoprene with a linen cover that won't let the mouse skip. It's easy to clean, with stain resistant finish.

  • Photo Refrigerator Magnets Refrigerator magnets come in two sizes: 3.5 x 5" 2.5 x 3.5" Each magnet has rounded corners and a matte finish. The strong magnet will not allow it to slip on the refrigerator door. They are flexible, so they can conform to somewhat curved surfaces.

  • Photo Puzzles Large, 252-piece puzzle in a glossy finish, measures 14 x 10" Each puzzles comes in a black box with a 5 x 7" print of the image on top of the box which measures 5.625" W x 7.625" D x 1.2" H Color reproduction is excellent.

  • Photo Playing Cards High-quality laminated poker deck. Finished size is: 2.5 x 3.5" Playing cards have excellent color reproduction. Each deck comes in a sturdy clear plastic case.

  • Ceramic Tile Photo Mosaic Each tile is; 4 x 4" Tiles are extremely durable with a glossy finish and beveled edges. Color reproduction is excellent.

  • Ceramic Photo Mugs Mugs are available in black or white. The photo on the mug typically faces you while drinking if you're holding the mug in your right hand. (The cart preview is not accurate in the special case of mugs. Highly rectangular images appear to have added white space top and bottom when you choose "None" for cropping, but they will print correctly.) Mugs are very durable and are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

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